September 10, 2013

Frameless Structural Glass improves the Big Picture

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Improve Natural Light in Narrow Properties

Crouch Hall Road

IQ’s expertise has long centered on creating frameless glass installations using structural glass units in a minimal, clean design. To this residential property near Highgate IQ Glass UK provided fixed, frameless structural glass installations to the rear extension.

To the roof space and 3D glass construction brought light in from multiple angles. The vertical structural glass units support the horizontal panel to create a glass box effect up above. The horizontal panel is then stepped with the slop to assist with water runoff and drainage.

These glass elements are all fixed framelessly with angle supports which are then neatly covered with the subsequent building finishes to create that frameless, contemporary aesthetic.

"This type of structural glazing can create a striking aesthetic effect."

Down at living level a 3 panel sliding folding doors system is used as access to the manicured garden and above the sink IQ installed a frameless fixed window.

These types of windows are what we refer to as ‘Picture Windows’. They provide a fixed and frameless picture of your external environment with little to no framing on show. As these elements are fixed then all supporting angles can be hidden away leaving only glass on show. This type of structural glazing can create a striking aesthetic effect.

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