May 28, 2015

Different Types of Glass Link

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Glass Link IQ Glass
Frameless glass link to listed building Frameless glass link to listed building

There are various ways in which you can use glass to link to buildings, two rooms or two spaces effectively and minimally.

The most basic of design is a full glass construction linking to buildings together with two glass walls and a glass roof connecting the two areas together. These glass walkways can be insulated by using double or triple glazing or just act as protection from wind and rain by using a frameless single glazed constriction.

Single glazing is by far the most frameless but does not create an insulated space requiring thermally insulating doors be maintaining between the new walkway and buildings. A great example of this is the glass walkway IQ Glass installed at the listed Edge House property. Part of the planning restrictions for the glass link was that it had to be as frameless as possible. This required the use of low iron single glazing to all elements with a structural glass roof to the walkway.

Glass, timber and zinc link to grade II listed home Glass, timber and zinc link to grade II listed home

When investigating the design more fully other materials and areas of solid structure can be integrated into a glass link design like the project IQ designed at Fairstead. The glass link between the family home and new games room has a solid zinc clad roof using frameless single glazed walls and pivot doors on either side to create a transparent face to the glass link.

Another, less conventional, example of a glazed link area is a recent basement project IQ completed in London. The small garden area in an end of terrace home was dug out to create a basement with a glass roof installed over the top. This new light filled area was used as a link between the original family home and the new guest quarters installed in the rest of the garden area.

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