November 3, 2022

Design Trend: Using Timber Posts with Architectural Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

timber posts and architectural glazing in residential project

Incorporating timber posts and architectural glazing into modern architecture

A design you see time and again in modern architecture is the combination of rustic timber posts with architectural glazing. The combination of these two materials in the same installation or structure brings the best of both from each material, offering a warm texture from the timber posts while maintaining a clear all glass finish within the glazed apertures.  

The use of timber in modern architecture is a growing trend. The material offers warmth – both in insulation as well as pallet – and can work as part of a sustainability plan for a project. The use of natural materials such as timber works with biophilic design projects where designers are looking to bring elements of the external to the internal.  

Architectural glazing is the biggest support to these design styles with ingress of natural light into internal living areas providing the opportunity to enjoy and blend with the surrounded landscape in anytime. 

Below are some of the best examples of the use of timber posts with architectural glazing. But if you have any questions about your own project just get in touch with the team at IQ.

Timber Posts and Sliding Glass Doors

The minimal nature of slim framed sliding glass doors allows them to integrate with any form of building material without detracting from its design. The same is the case with the combination of sliding glass doors within timber posts.  


The interlockers of the sliding glass doors should be designed to line up exactly with the centre of the timber posts in a design technique called Global Alignment. Here, your architectural glazier designs the sliding glass doors in keeping with building elements outside of their control to ensure clean lines and continuation.  

Timber Posts can be installed on both the inside and outside elevation of a sliding glass door wall.  

timber framed barn in taunton with slim sliding glass doors Barn conversion in Taunton with slim sliding glass doors

A barn conversion project in Taunton included slim framed sliding glass doors with timber posts set inside. From the external view, the 10m long glass wall offers only a 21mm vertical sightline where the sliding doors meet. On the internal face, you can experience the rustic timber posts of the existing barn structure. The space is now used as a country arts and crafts retreat.  

An alternative option for the design is to expose the timber posts on the external of the glass elevation. This allows you to experience the timber most effectively from the external façade which might be more beneficial depending on the overall design of the project.  

barn extension in sussex with timber posts and sliding glass doors Brook Barn in Sussex with minimal windows sliding doors behind timber posts


The renovation of Brook Barn in East Sussex included a long glass walled room which used rough timber posts in keeping with the existing barn structure. The vertical timber posts sat externally in front of the sliding glass doors. Each timber post was designed to line up exactly with the interlocker for the sliding door, resulting in a structure that is almost invisible. Paired with the mirror cladding above the glass doors, the timber posts with minimal glazing creates the appearance of a simple timber supported lean to structure rather than a fully insulated solid structure.

aluminium and timber in a barn conversion Forty Farm in Wales using slim sliding glass doors behind timber posts


Another great example of mixing timber and aluminium is Forty Farm in Cardiff. The poolside glazing of the contemporary home is set within a traditional timber archway. When the sliding doors are closed, the floor to ceiling glass creates the appearance of a simple timber structure. However, when you slide the doors open you can see the design detailing being the seemingly simple structure. The sliding doors slide open behind the timber posts creating a large opening with flush floor thresholds.

Timber Posts for Glass Roofs

A timber structure might also be a suitable solution for a glass roof design. Structural glass is connected together with structural silicone and when the span is great enough, internal supports are sometimes needed to create the correct loading for the roof.

Timber is a possible solution here for projects that require that warm design or need to use timber as part of the planning consent.  

This is possible on fixed structural glass roofs; using timber posts below the architectural glazing for support.  

We are currently working on a project in London where a supporting timber structure is being created for the automated and opening roof lights. The bespoke timber posts will sit below the junction and frames of the automated rooflights to create the appearance that the glass roof is timber framed. This allows the architect to maintain the modern performance of a metal framed opening glass roof with the appearance of a timber frame.  

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Timber Posts and Structural Glazing

Timber posts can be used in conjunction with bespoke structural glazing in any number of ways. The frameless glass panels can be designed to integrate into a timber structure as long as the relative deflection rates and tolerances have been taken into account.  

glass link to listed building with timber posts Fairstead garden room with a glass link of glass and timber.


This glass link with timber posts was added to a Grade II Listed house extension in Essex provided the connection between the main building and new build space. A frameless structural glass door and fixed glass panels created an airy passing path. Timber posts are used to fix structural glass perfectly. All glass was connected to the building and timber posts with hidden fixings.  

glass link to farm building using timber posts Green Barn glass link with timber posts


This glass link is another good example of structural glass connecting to timber posts. The glazed link connected the traditional home in Wiltshire to a new timber conservatory. The structural glass used hidden fixings to connect the glass to the timber posts.

If you are looking at your own project and want to see how architectural glazing can connect to timber, contact our team today to discuss your project with timber posts and glazing design trend.