June 23, 2020

Descending Window Systems in Action

Written by Rebecca Clayton

HIRT descending windows LA

Luxury living

IQ is proud to reveal one of their new projects, showcasing a flawless descending structural window system in action. Oozing luxury and elegant simplicity, this Hollywood home features descending window systems to forge a strong connection between the lounge and their outdoor swimming pool area.

The large descending glass facade frames 3 sides of the living room, replacing traditional stone walls used elsewhere across the building structure for a minimalistic aesthetic. The luxury home, set high in the hills, has phenomenal views across Los Angeles.

Utilizing a descending window system in this manner maximizes the areas for viewing the panoramic views, whilst bringing an influx of natural light into the large living area. The edgeless swimming pool meets the decking seamlessly, meaning when the windows are all the way down the homeowners can access the swimming pool directly from the living room.


LA modern home with frameless descending windows by outdoor pool

A completely flush finish

Our swiss descending windows have a flush to floor level finish, when the windows are down the structure completely disappears, leaving step-free access to create a seamless transition when travelling between indoor and outdoor areas.  The way the roof is designed features a large overhang, providing shading when required, right across the width of the pool.

This overhang provides the homeowners with the option to sit outside and enjoy the breeze on the hilltop location whilst having some solar shading. The fully automated window system can be stopped at any point when descending. This provides the ability to act as a half-way barrier or create a balcony aesthetic, with the added benefit of being able to use the window ledge as a table or flat surface.

The swiss system is a true representative for architects to demonstrate the fusion of inside and outside, a popular trend in creating open plan living environments. The high quality, high performing systems are completely draught-free when closed. This is achieved through the use of multiple sealing panes and a peripheral pneumatic seal. The high-performance levels and extensive testing standards ensure the descending window systems are energy efficient and therefore suitable for any home, no matter the outdoor temperature.


LA home swiss descending frameless glass windows


Full automation

With the added benefits this sophisticated system brings, this home is able to change its appearance with the click of a button, revealing a perfect open space for entertaining or a quiet relaxation spot. The fully automated system is soundless, in keeping with the serene setting.

The interior design is clean and minimalistic, this theme continues outside with the choice of artwork and outdoor furniture. The minimalistic frames of the window systems, when closed, fit this design perfectly to create a coherent finish.

When the windows are fully descended, an indoor-outdoor style of living is achieved and the whole area transforms into an open plan, hilltop paradise.