March 25, 2022

Best Innovative Architectural Glazing in Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Specialist Architectural Glazing Solutions for High-End Residential Projects in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Although the IQ Glass headquarters is based in Buckinghamshire, England our high-end glazing solutions have been installed in prestigious projects all over the UK including Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

IQ now has six regional offices around the UK including offices in Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, ideally located to closely manage projects in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our international division would oversee any projects in the Republic of Ireland.

These beautiful areas of the UK are gifted with some of the most attractive countryside and coastal views available within the British Isles. As such minimal glazing solutions such as IQ’s large glass sliding doors are perfect for keeping this view unobstructed.

Architectural Glazing in Scotland

One iconic use of IQ Glass’ work was in Scotland where IQ Glass provided minimal glass solutions, including our large glass sliding doors, to the new home of veteran golfer Colin Montgomerie. Here the curved property, sometimes known as the ‘Drum’ was offered fantastic views with the use of IQ’s slim framed glazing solutions.

With slim aluminium framing of 21mm in the vertical profile with frameless surrounds, you can see why these highly engineered sliding doors are specified in Scotland, Ireland and Wales time and again.

In Edinburgh, IQ were specified for a new build home in the city, installing our large glass sliding doors, casement windows and various structural glass installations.

The top levels of the house will offer brilliant views over Edinburgh City with the slim profiles of the large glass sliding doors.

Another project that IQ are currently working on is a contemporary house with bespoke glazing in Portree Sky in Scotland. A number of slim framed glazing solutions are included in the bespoke glazing package for this Scotland home, including bespoke slim framed sliding door solutions and frameless structural glazing in the form of floor to ceiling glass walls.

Lakeside Cabin panoramic views sliding glass doors 

Architectural Glazing in Ireland

IQ recently complete a project in Dundalk, Ireland, that used oversized sliding glass doors and double-height structural glass links with structural glass panels to bay windows. This bespoke structural glazing installation has a steel structure at mid-height, allowing the panes to be supported on four edges.

The oversized sliding glass door and some of the structural glazing elevations were specified with solar control glass to prevent overheating in the internal spaces, and the oversized sliding glass doors were also specified with marine-grade finishes as it runs alongside the indoor pool area.

Our Midlands and North regional offices in England are well equipped to manage projects around Ireland. Years of experience allow us to know the most effective ways to transport the glazing, as well as know any local planning laws or building regulations.

Glazed extension on Built It 2022

Architectural Glazing in Wales

IQ have worked on projects all around Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.

A project in Newport, a large rear extension to a high-end residential project, features ultra-slim sliding aluminium doors and bespoke structural glass roof lanterns. This aim was to maximise natural light within the new space and give the area a strong connection with the outdoors. This was easily achieved through the use of slim framed glazing solutions.

Plas Glyn is one of IQ's most prestigious Welsh projects. Located near to the coast, marine grade Invisio structural glazing was specified since the large elevations of glass would need to withstand high wind levels.  The sculptured architectural envelope has handcrafted metal components including 89,000 individual stainless steel barnacles creating a permeable layer that filters the natural light.

Large Glass Sliding Doors available from IQ Glass are highly engineered, aluminium profiles with integrated, stainless steel sliding mechanisms. These large glass installations have been fully tested at the Rosenheim Institute Germany where their resistance to water, wind and driving rain have been tried. In each test the slim framed sliding doors performed at the top of each testing class enabling the sliding doors to be used on even the most exposed elevations maintaining a controlled and comfortable internal environment.

IQ Glass are able to offer our specialised architectural glazing services, including our popular large glass sliding doors, to all projects in the UK and worldwide.

IQ have years of experience with glazing, therefore we are familiar with the various similarities and differences between English building regulations and Welsh regulations. If you would like to learn more about them, click here.

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