September 21, 2022

Bespoke Frame Finishes for Aluminium Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

bespoke frame finishes for aluminium pivot door

With so many frame finishing options available, which is right for your project?

Luxury home designs are constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of architectural designs, meaning architectural glazing must evolve to need the needs of these unique building designs.

This relates to both the performance of the system but also the design, such as choosing bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing. Glazing can be used as a design feature of the home’s exterior or designed to blend in and work in harmony with the surrounding building finishes.

For structural glazing, the minimal and frameless design allows it to be incorporated into any type of design. For solutions where the framing is visible such as slim sliding doors, oversized aluminium pivot doors or double height vertical sash windows, the frame finish is an important design aspect.

Luckily at IQ, we have a wide range of bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing, allowing the systems to be specified with any coloured frame, metallic finishes or specialist finishes such as timber effect.


Bespoke Polyester Powder Coating for Aluminium Glazing

ral colour chart for polyester powder coating

Polyester powder coating (PPC) is the most popular frame finish for aluminium framed glazing for many reasons. Firstly, PPC comes in over 200 RAL colours as well as special finishes, allowing any design to be achieved.

Secondly PPC is the most environmentally friendly out of the bespoke framed finishes for aluminium glazing. The process doesn’t involve the release of any harmful solvents or pollutants, and the over-spray can be collected and recycled.

olive green aluminium framed glazingPPC also provides a protective layer to the aluminium framing, increasing durability against knocks and scratches. This is also useful for any area with high moisture levels in the air such as by indoor pool or on the coastline.

On of our bespoke glass extension projects in Shoreditch utilised double opening aluminium pivot doors that were finished in a rustic green-gold toned colour that complements the interior design style and surrounding brickwork.


Metallic Aluminium Glazing Frame Finish

bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing

Metallic frame finishes tend to be achieved through anodising. Out of all the bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing, anodising is one of the less common options.

The process of an anodised finish involves a chemical process of passing electrodes from an anode (the aluminium) to a cathode through water, creating a build-up of oxygen on the surface of the aluminium which reacts and chemically bonds to the aluminium.

This forms a layer of aluminium oxide on the aluminium frame, resulting in a stunning metallic finish and a strong protective layer against chemicals and salts in the air.

One disadvantage of this frame finish is that if the finish is scratched or damaged once installed, this is difficult to repair or cover up without replacing the whole profile.

slim framed sliding doors with architectural bronze frames

Anodising can also be utilised to manufacture glazing with an architectural bronze finish, something we have seen grow massively in popularity over the last year.

Another option if you're looking at metallic bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing is to use a metallic polyester powder coating.

IGP Dura coatings are a powder coat finish in a wide range of metallic colours which mimic anodising and has great weather resistance, UV stability and longevity.


Marine Grade Finishes for Aluminium Glazing

As mentioned, both the performance and design of the glazing solutions have an impact, and one of the bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing is marine grade glazing.

This type of marine grade frame finish usually refers to a polyester powder coating that is around 50 microns thick, providing a strong protective layer for the aluminium profiles against the high moisture and alkaline levels in the air.

At IQ, we use marine grade polyester powder coating as standard and recommend pre-anodising the frames if the glazing is located within a marine environment. This allows the framing profile to still be specified in a range of colours but with the added benefit of extremely durable frames.

Slim framed sliding doors granting views of the South coast

One of our projects in Cornwall, Dynargh, specified a full bespoke glazing package from IQ including mutliple aluminium glazing systems with a marine grade finish. As the luxury home sits right on the seafront this was vital to ensure the glazing can withstand the hard conditions. 

When it comes to bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing, IQ work closely with the architect on the project to ensure all project requirements are met and the right glazing is specific for the project's individual needs.


Bespoke Finishing Options for Aluminium Entrance Doors

Our range of high security aluminium entrance doors can be specified in around 120 finishing options, ranging from porcelain to lacquered glass and metallic finishes.

As well as a range of glass options, the surrounding aluminium structure of the door can be specified completely bespoke.

Either gloss or matt glass can be used for our aluminium entrance doors, both of which are suitable for internal faces or external faces with adequate protection from exposure and the weather.


Bespoke Frame Finishes for Aluminium Glazing

metallic frame finish for aluminium glazing

With such a variety to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming. We would suggest looking through some of our completed projects or our Pinterest boards for inspiration.

The environment will influence the best choice of bespoke finishes for aluminium glazing, for example if the glazing will be located in a marine environment.

Some special finishes may increase lead times, so it is important to discuss this with your glazier to ensure clarity on timelines.

Once the IQ team have the details, they can work with you to design a bespoke glazing package with solutions that meet every requirement.

IQ have regional offices all over the UK, as well as a dedicated international division, with each team on hand to assist with your next project.


For more information on bespoke frame finishes for aluminium glazing, contact the IQ team today.