December 15, 2015

Automated Large Sliding Glass Doors

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Automated sliding glass doors Automated sliding glass doors

IQ often provide and incorporate automation within our architectural glazing products, especially useful to create easy to open glazing elements if they are out of reach, or heavy. Auto venting rooflights, access roof boxes and sliding glass windows and doors are all popular examples of automated glazing used often in architectural glass design. Large glass elevations of sliding glass doors are often designed and integrated with glass automation making it easier to move the extremely heavy glass doors especially when the large glass panels have been triple glazed. As a rule of thumb any sliding glass panel that weights over 500kg should be automated for ease of use. .

Automated large sliding glass doors and windows can be designed to slide over solid wall elements or glass or can slide into hidden cavities. With a vast range of configuration variation for sliding glass doors.

With our thin framed sliding glass doors we use internal driving motors hidden in the internal ceiling finishes for a minimal design finish and clean, minimally framed door.

For an advanced glass automation solution, our products can be controlled using our Intelligent Home Automation. Additionally they can be fitted with rain and wind sensors reacting to the environment for an effortlessly, luxury comfortable home.

Automated sliding glass doors Automated sliding glass doors

An example of a recent project using glass automation is Shenfield Mill. A contemporary glass extension with a floating roof in Berkshire using a range of architectural glazing; slim framed sliding glass doors, structural glass and frameless roof lights.

IQ’s sliding glass doors were used on two floor-to-ceiling elevations creating an impressive glass façade. The bespoke design, features a cantilevered roof design with our sliding glass doors opening away from a frameless corner beneath, creating the appearance of a floating corner roof design.

The floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls of triple glazing with their 26mm framing create a bright, light filled interior to the open plan living space, even when the opening corner is closed. The size and weight of the triple glazed sliding glass doors meant automating them with electrical motors would make it a lot easier to open and close them. The motor is hidden behind the head of the aluminium framing, within the ceiling finishes maintaining the same aesthetics desired in the design stage.

Automated glass doors create a floating roof design Automated glass doors create a floating roof design

The large elevation of glass takes advantage of the idyllic views around the property, enjoyed by the new open-plan living area which is linked to the existing house with structural glazing.

IQ can now provide another laser sensor option for glass automation of the sliding glass windows and doors. These laser sensors enable reliable detection of the smallest objects. The dynamic orientation of the laser beams ensures the sensors provide unique security of the hazard areas in and in front of the closure plane.

Contact IQ Glass for more information about the glass automation including our new laser sensor option or project mentioned above. View our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.