September 5, 2013

Architectural Glazing for Large Residential New Build

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Improve Natural Light in Narrow Properties


Sweethaws Wood

Set in the beautiful Sweethaws Wood in East Sussex a newl build private residence was built within 22 acres of woodland. IQ was appointed as the specialist architectural glazier for this contemporary build and incorporated their minimal windows sliding doors into the design on different levels of the main face.

The basement space of the home houses an indoor, heated, saltwater pool. A movable glass wall comprising of 5 sliding minimal windows doors was used as the face of this room. Each end of the pool room is closed off with two panels of fixed structural glass which is silicone jointed together. This room is then fully sealed on three sides with slim architectural glass installations, overlooking the stunning woodland around.

"A moveable glass wall comprising of 5 sliding minimal windows doors was used as the face of this room"

The ‘salt water’ element to this pool is an important note. The higher concentration of salts and chemicals in the air will turn this internal space into a marine environment and therefore will be required to be finished to the same standards as a property on the coast. This means that the frames will need to be finished to a marine-grade in order to properly withstand the internal environment.

To the ground floor, a suspended balcony runs around two sides of the open-plan space. IQ’s minimal windows sliding doors were used again to this floor as access to and from the balcony and to offer full and frameless windows across the vista surrounding the home.

To create large openings within the wooden-clad exterior the large sliding glass doors were configured to slide into cavity wall pockets, effectively hiding the windows away and leaving a fully open door space.

Fixed pieces of structural glass were used to the upper floors as frameless windows to the 5 bedroom spaces above, also this technique of frameless glazing was used on the south elevation to create a select few windows. This face was mainly solid to reduce any effect of overheating through the glass elements. South facing elements get more direct daylight than any other elevation and because of this, glass elements on these faces are sometimes reduced.

Glazing can be used on south-facing elements but you will be advised to use a solar control coating to the external elements of these glass units. Read more about Solar Gain and how to reduce it at IQ’s learning portal.

"The windows are flush glazed which means the external face of the opening element is a fully glass surface"

The house is accessed via a bridge from the gable-roofed garage and paved driveway. On this elevation IQ’s Innovare system was used. The windows are flush glazed which means the external face of the opening element is a fully glass surface. The outer edge of the glass unit within the frame is extended, stepped and then bonded over the timber framing for an externally frameless and sharp finish. This brand new window and doors system has been mentioned in the past few issues of Real Homes magazine as an innovation in the glazing market, view more of IQ’s media contributions at IQ in the Media.

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