Design Trends

timber posts and architectural glazing in residential project

November 3, 2022

Design Trend: Using Timber Posts with Architectural Glazing

Incorporating timber posts and architectural glazing into modern architecture A design you see time and again in modern architecture is the combination of rustic timber posts with architectural glazing. The combination of these two materials in the same installation or structure brings the best of

boathouse with timber solar shading wooden cladding

August 18, 2022

Design Trend: Using Timber Solar Shading for Architectural Glazing

How timber solar shading solutions can be integrated with architectural glazing . There are many ways to incorporate timber solar shading into a new build house design or enhance existing designs by including timber shading solutions in a renovation project. Timber is an extremely popular choice

aluminium glazing with wooden beams in barn conversion

August 3, 2022

Innovative Ways to Use Aluminium Glazing With Wooden Beams

There are many ways to combine aluminium glazing with wooden beams for a unique design Aluminium and timber are popular material choices when designing a contemporary new build, creating a contrast between modern and traditional elements of the building. From frameless architectural glazing or

modern new build biophilic design with timber cladding and bespoke glazing

July 26, 2022

New Design Trend: Timber Cladding with Architectural Glazing

How to incorporate timber cladding to glass designs in modern architecture. Combining timber cladding with architectural glazing has become an extremely popular trend within architecture, offering the opportunity to use contrasting materials for a completely unique design.Exposed timber beams are

slim framed sliding doors with architectural bronze frames

June 28, 2022

Glazing Trend: Architectural Bronze

How to specify architectural bronze glazing and find the right finishing option for your project Architectural bronze has become a huge trend in glazing, growing in popularity in recent years. From contemporary new builds to home renovations, incorporating architectural bronze glazing can be used