May 5, 2017

5 Ways to Improve your Home with Architectural Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

mw garden office (2)

How Can Architectural Glazing Improve your Home?

A recent Newspaper article in ‘The Sunday Times: Home’ included an article titled ’16 Ideas to Improve your Home’. Most of these ideas can be created with the use of architectural glazing.

One of the improvement ideas is to create a garden office. Garden offices are ideal for those who enjoy working from home but want to create a separation between their home and work space. When designing a garden office it is best to consider the working environment you are after. A better working environment can be created with a well-lit space throughout the day.

This can be achieved by installing our minimal windows® sliding glass door system like in our Home Office Garden Room project. These large slim framed sliding glass doors allow the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the new space which is important for efficient working habits.

Home Office Garden Room Project by IQ Glass Home Office Garden Room Project by IQ Glass

This project also included the installation of a glass link between the new garden office and home. This frameless glass link provides a sheltered connection between the original home and new office space. By using frameless architectural glazing, natural light is able to pass through the link and into both living spaces.

However, if you cannot afford to create a new garden office or would prefer to work within your home then consider our ADL Internal Door range, allowing you to create a separation between two living spaces.

Another suggestion from The Sunday Times is to create a small extension with a new kitchen. Creating a small extension can make a huge difference to your home, providing extra internal living space whilst allowing you to upgrade your windows and doors on this space. Our Hatcham Park Road project is the perfect example of how to improve your home with a small extension.

Hatcham Park Road Kitchen Extension Hatcham Park Road Kitchen Extension

Aluminium bifolding doors, a frameless window and two frameless rooflights were installed onto this small contemporary extension in London. A set of three pane bifolding doors were installed with a flush finish to provide easy access between the homeowner’s internal and external living spaces. Natural light was maximised within this new space due to the frameless window and frameless rooflights. The frameless window provides stunning views of the homeowner’s garden from the kitchen.

Two frameless rooflights were installed to maximise the natural light intake into the new kitchen/dining areas where windows were not installed. These offer natural light as well as lovely sky views with no framing obstruction. Installing these architectural glazing elements creates the illusion of a larger space due to the natural light intake and merge between the indoor-outdoor living areas.

The third way to improve your home would be to extend your home upwards. Loft conversions are a great way to create additional space within your home whilst saving space on the ground floor. Improve your dull loft space by creating a new living space with some sliding glass doors and roof lights for a bright new space. If you do not want to create an external space, our aluminium windows are just the trick for creating a light-filled loft conversion.

Cranley Gardens Glazed Loft Extension Cranley Gardens Loft Extension

This loft extension on our Cranley Gardens project included the installation of sliding glass doors to provide an access route between the new bedroom and terrace area. Frameless glass balustrades were installed onto the terrace to create a safety barrier, preventing injury to the homeowners and to allow natural light to pass through into the bedroom with uninterrupted views. A frameless window was also installed to provide light into the narrow internal stairwell.

Our next tip for improving your home is to glaze your back wall. Installing sliding or bifold doors does not mean that you have to extend your home. A fully glazed wall was created using slim framed sliding glass doors onto the rear of our Sharon Road project.

Sharon Road Glazed Wall Sharon Road Glazed Wall

Installing these large sliding glass doors onto the rear of this home creates an almost completely open wall, maximising the natural light intake, views of the external living space and access space between the two.

Our fifth and final tip on improving your home is to install ‘hi-tech windows’. Upgrading your windows can improve your home immensely by providing a new, up-to-date look as well as improving the efficiency of your home.

IQ Glass can also integrate smart glazing finishes into your installations to reduce heat intake or light intake with our solar control coatings and electro chromic glass.

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