June 29, 2015

3D Window Designs

Written by Rebecca Clayton

priory-park-eaves-window (3)
Projecting or 3D windows are a perfect way to bring in multi-directional light into a home or living space. You can use frameless structural glass to create these 3D windows or integrate opening framed elements to allow elements of ventilation, depending on the requirements for each particular window opening.

There are many different ways you can incorporate a 3D window design into your project. Below are some of the most popular.

Bay Windows

Frameless bay windows to a new build home in Chiswick Frameless bay windows to a new build home in Chiswick

A traditional window design can be given a modern twist by using frameless structural glass to recreate the appearance of a bay window with no framing required at all.

IQ Glass installed this type of 3D window design to a new build house in Chiswick. The contemporary design of the house complimented the traditional houses along the street by maintaining the shape and dimensions of the existing homes.

This complimentary design included the design of two frameless bay windows to the front elevation of the home. Frameless structural glass panels were joined together to recreate the bay windows seen along the rest of the street with a contemporary twist.

Oriel Windows

Structural Glass Oriel Box Window 3D Oriel Windows on rooftop restaurant, part of the newly renovated Royal Opera House

Oriel Windows can be used to create a frameless projecting glass box to the side of a home, normally with a solid structural base to be used as a modern window seat.

On a recent project in Suffolk IQ Glass designed and installed a wide Oriel Window seat to a home renovation and extension project. The new modern bay window was installed as part of the renovation works and provides an excellent source of light, as well a bright seating area, to the new dining room.

Large Oriel Window to house renovation in Suffolk Large Oriel Window to house renovation in Suffolk

The front panel of glass to the Oriel Window was stepped over the base structure and back painted. This helps create a neat external finish with a sleek, flush glazed surface hiding all the messy construction build up behind.

There is a large example of a modern window seat and Oriel window on show at the courtyard showroom in Amersham, using back-painted glass inside and out to create a sleek 3D window design.

Eaves Windows

Generally used in a roof light design, an eaves window can be used to create 3D boxed windows, in a similar fashion to Oriel and Bay Windows.

frameless glass eaves window to house extension 'Slot' eaves windows to a modern extension project.

Priory Park extension project is an excellent example of this type of 3D structural glass window design. The frameless glass panels follow the line of the wall and then roof, creating a 'slot' in the solid wall structure. The vertical panes of the structural glass window are designed to take the weight of the roof element. Where the two panes of glass meet you just get a slim silicone joint.

When designing these window types we must consider the weight of structural glass. As no frames are being used to support and hold the glass units in place the glass thicknesses used are thicker than normal, creating a heavier glass unit. If the span of glass is quite large and the roof glazing very heavy an integral steel may be required. This is something that the IQ team can advise on easily.

Looking for a 3D window design on your project?

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