August 17, 2020

Which window styles are right for you?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Beechcroft, Portland Road and Green Barn Featured

Window choice is a big decision that makes a huge impact on the aesthetics of property design. Homebuilding & Renovating have put together a guide that discusses how to choose the right window, taking into consideration the style, cost, material and efficiency.

Beechcroft, Portland Road and Green Barn featured in this article to showcase various window options to consider for home renovations or new builds. The article talks about how “house facades these days are often more window than wall, so it’s highly important to take into account the different performance values as well as the style”. In this article, the author says that research is key and you should consider the design, style, material, glazing, cost and ordering process before choosing the right window for your project.

Portland Road was used as an example of the golden ratio in architecture. “The golden ratio - as developed in classical architecture – is still used today as a general rule of thumb. The ratio proportions are 1:1:618 meaning a vertical sash window at 800mm wide should be 1300 mm tall”. The exceptionally tall sliding doors installed on this project create an impressive double-height façade of glass that fills both floor levels with natural light.

Beechcroft was used within the article to show an example of aluminium casement windows. The article listed the pros and cons of various materials including aluminium, timber and PVCu. “One of the most popular materials for windows in contemporary homes, aluminium windows can offer slim sightlines or a frameless appearance”.

Window styles made all the difference when it comes to house design so it’s worth reading this article to get a broader understanding about all the key factors that you should look for and things to consider when choosing the right window. Visit Homebuilding & Renovating to read the full article, here.


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