February 14, 2020

Weeke Manor House Featured on Archello

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Weeke Manor House Industrial Steel Doors featured on Archello

Industrial Steel Doors for Elegant Extension Designs 


Weeke Manor House was recently featured by Archello. Paul Cashin Architects were the creative force behind this renovation and extension to a listed terraced property in Winchester. The design took the previously unassuming family home and opened up the space by seamlessly linking three main living spaces: a master suite, kitchen/diner and billiards room.

The new interior design is characterised by a monochrome palette of greys and blacks for the flooring, furnishings and kitchen cabinets, which contrasts against the brighter white tones used for the walls, the exposed ceiling beams and the kitchen countertop marbling.

To the kitchen/diner rear extension, IQ Glass provided our steel Mondrian doors, fitting in with the elegant, industrial feel of the renovation and contrasting starkly against the red brickwork of the original building when viewing the extension from the garden.

Two long strip rooflights were also incorporated into the extension design, maximising the natural light flooding the kitchen space.


You can read the full article by Archello here.