January 21, 2020

Victoria Park Road featured

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Victoria Park Road rooflights feature in Real Homes magazine

Choosing the appropriate window system for an extension to a traditional architectural design is one of the most important factors within an extension project. From the aesthetic design of the window through to the material and glazing, each aspect should be carefully considered to create the desired aesthetic.

The glazing design needs to be appropriate for the building, for example old cottages could look odd if filled with large, modern, minimalistic glazing but a detailed steel glazed system would suit the traditional architecture beautifully. This is often a requirement within Conservation Areas where the existing aesthetic of a building needs to be maintained.

Victoria Park Road was used as an example of a project that was given a contemporary interior design but with traditional, industrial style glazing. This terrace house was given as extension that included minimally framed roof glazing, a large protruding window and a large steel framed Belgian door to match the framework of the window seat.

The glazing to Victoria Park Road gave the project a traditional yet stylish and contemporary look and feel. For more ideas of how to choose window systems read the full article here.