January 30, 2020

Victoria Park Road Featured in Grand Designs

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Victoria Park Road rooflights feature in Real Homes magazine

Rooflights for Single Storey Extensions

When it comes to choosing a rooflight design for your home, there are many aesthetic and technical aspects to consider; from deciding between frameless or intricate designs, to the more technical specifications of the glass itself.

A recent article by Grand Designs examines the main factors to consider when selecting a rooflight for a single storey home extension. The feature touches on the variety of technical glass types that are available when designing a rooflight – for example, ensuring the space doesn’t get too hot in the summer by opting for solar control glass, or ElectroChromic glass that can be 'dimmed' to reduce light ingress, areas that IQ has extensive experience in.

A contemporary extension, designed and installed by IQ Glass, was featured in the article. Victoria Park Road utilises a structural glass roof above a sidefill extension, with minimal steel support sections to maximise the influx of light flooding into the kitchen dining area below.