May 15, 2019

Treeside featured in Structural Glazing FAQ

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Treeside featured in Structural Glazing FAQ

Treeside Featured

Treeside was featured in an article discussing the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding structural glazing, in Build It's Complete Guide to Windows and Doors.
Structural glazing is often a misunderstood building material, as many people think that structural glass can only be used to create frameless effect windows and alike.
However, structural glass can be used to create large walls of glass.

"As well as providing a bespoke aesthetic, structural glazing allows for unobstructed views and aids the connectivity between the home and garden. Yet its greatest benefit is its ability to enhance interior light".

Structural glass walls help to naturally increase the building's exposure to sunlight as structural glass offers a very minimal amount of light obstruction. To Treeside, structural glazing was installed alongside slim framed sliding doors and a walk on glass floor. All these elements of glazing were installed to increase the amount of natural light within the property.

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