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Top tips for specifying glass on your self-build project

Priory Park Featured

IQ Glass featured on the front page of the January issue of i-build and also within the magazine in an article discussing the five top tips for specifying glass on a self-build property. IQ Glass was asked to provide advice to self-builders on glazing specification for that "sought after all glass aesthetic".

The 5 top tips included; getting an idea of design early on, knowing the U-values and the glass specification as well as ensuring you understand the drawings provided by the team at IQ to guarantee that there aren't any misinterpretations.

When starting the design of the project it's worth getting an idea of the desired design at an early stage to "limit the number of compromises you have to make on the design" later down the line.

To read the full article turn to page 30 in the magazine: http://www.i-buildmagazine.com/magazine/january-2018-edition#

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Priory Park


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