indoor outdoor living area created with floor to ceiling aluminium sliding glass doors

thedesignsociety feature IQ Glass slim framed sliding glass doors in Hampstead House

See how the glass door systems created an indoor-outdoor style of living.

This family home in Hamstead was completely renovated, following the brief to make the home feel subtly luxurious whilst including familiar comforts. The feature explores how the interior design creates an open plan, inviting environment for the family without compromising on luxury products.

Slim framed sliding door systems were installed in the kitchen and dining space to open up the large room, delivering views of the outside space from within the kitchen. The kitchen extension allows the outdoor environment to be enjoyed all year round, with the ability to merge indoor and outdoor areas when the weather permits.

The slim sliding glass doors from IQ have exceptionally slim sightlines from just 21mm for a fully glazed finish. The monochrome interior design was simple and elegant, with the aluminium profiles finished in a black colour to match the surrounding interiors. The family home now feels bigger and brighter, with elements of biophilic design displayed throughout.

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