February 2, 2022

The RIBA Journal Features IQ’s Invisio structural glazing system.

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The RIBA journal features our Invisio structural glazing system

A creative analysis of structural glazing for a contemporary rear extension on a terraced London home.

Using our Invisio structural glazing system, the system is fully thermally broken to ensure the internal environment is a comfortable living temperature all year round. Opting for thermally broken systems not only makes the space functional but can also save on heating and energy bills.

The RIBA Journal showcases a playful interpretation through the written dialogue of the article, this featured a piece of creative writing which alluded to the futuristic interpretations of an intergenerational conversation, describing the likeness of the structural glazing system in comparison to the fictional planet Gallifrey.

The predominant systems which were featured in the article are slim sliding doors as well as large frameless roof lights. These are two products that, when used together, can be powerful in creating a seamless connection between internal and external spaces. The minimally framed sliding glass doors create an idyllic connection with the garden whilst providing primary access. The slim 21mm sightlines maximise views and natural light into the open-plan space. Connecting frameless roof lights to large panes of structural glazing creates an unintrusive atmosphere while simultaneously matching the surrounding glazing. 

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