February 10, 2020

The Bevel Extension featured on Heart Home Magazine

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The Bevel sidefill extension featured in Heart home Magazine

The Bevel Extension Featured 

The start of a new year brings the urge for new starts, for many of us. This is a subject that Carole King covered in her latest article ‘Tired of your home? Improve, don’t move’ for the Heart Home Mag. Over the Christmas period many of us desire additional space, driven by the crowed homes we see during the festive season. Moving house can be a huge ordeal and many homeowners seek to fall back in love with their existing home by commissioning an architect to make slight improvements.

Carole says that “a single storey extension, however small, can make a huge difference to your home environment”. Simple, yet highly effective extensions like a side infill extension or a glass box extension create additional living spaces or widen existing spaces. “Single storey rear extensions of up to 4m x 6m can now be built without planning permission on semi-detached and terrace houses. For detached houses, the dimensions are increased to 4m x 8m”. This makes extensions even more desirable to homeowners as simple extensions are relatively easy to achieve.

The Bevel Extension is an excellent example of an architect using unused space at the side of a terrace property to enhance the interior living environment and build a strong connection to the patio and garden. A large Vitra Pivot window was installed to this extension to provide seamless access between the internal and external living spaces. The Vitra Pivot allows maximum influx of natural light into this extension, thus brightening the new and existing ground floor living spaces.

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The Bevel Extension

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Vitra Pivot