April 17, 2018

Studio Issue 15

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Descending Window Featured

The Descending Window was featured in the product news section of architectural magazine Studio. Lauded as the latest advance in architectural glazing design the descending wall system allows architects to create entire elevations of a building that disappear.

The descending front is made of a steel and aluminium frame. When open the facades top section creates a fully flat threshold. This can be finished in a huge range of materials to the architect's specification for a seamless base. In the featured image the same porous stone plank tiles were applied to the top of the HIRT descending wall in order to be in sync with the floor when open. The sinking facade system can also be used in a corner room design so a large three-sided descending front would allow all three sides of a room to disappear.

The article also commented on our architectural glazing showroom in Amersham which is the largest of its kind in the UK "offering many real examples" of specialist architectural glazing "in a large purpose built environment".

Products Featured:

Descending Windows