November 27, 2018

Self Build & Design Oct 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Page 38 an auto venting rooflight with frameless glass

Automated Venting rooflights featured

To this property, "a combination of frameless rooflights and automated venting roof lights were installed... to achieve maximum light levels". Rooflights are an exceptional method of increasing light levels within properties as the light is funnelled down directly from the sunlight above the building rather than having to pass through vertical glazing.

In the article 'A Touch of Glass', in the October 2018 edition of Self Build and Design Magazine, the rooflights at Church Walk were showcased to display how a combination of frameless glass roof lights and automated venting rooflights were used not only to increase the level of natural light but also to install another method of ventilation.

Read the full feature in the magazine.

Projects Featured:

Church Walk


Products Featured:

Auto Venting Rooflights, Frameless Rooflights