April 10, 2017

Self Build and Design March 2017

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Self Build and Design March 2017 -Brook Barn Feature

Brook Barn Feature

IQ’s Brook Barn project was featured in the March issue of Self Build and Design as part of the ‘Fenestration: Spotlight on doors and windows’ editorial within the magazine.

This project was featured due to the frameless glass connection that was built onto the home as well as the rural barn conversion into a new garden office for the homeowners.

This project was designed by Architect Zac Monro, featuring our minimal windows sliding glass doors to create the new garden office.

These doors provide incredible amounts of natural light into the new space as well as good ventilation, needed throughout the summer.

“The house is this mixture of incredibly modern, clean architectural lines and then this amazing old barn with the incredible beams and it’s a really great contrast. It’s a really great contrast and a very good juxtaposition of those two things.” Rosie Bines, Garden Designer.

“You get these amazing frameless views, but because you’ve got these gnarled wooden beams coming across, you get that connection with the original barn.” Zac Monro, Architect.

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Brook Barn