April 1, 2016

Real Homes / Extensions for Every Budget April 2016

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Onslow Avenue features in Real Homes

Onslow Avenue Feature

Onslow Avenue was featured in the Extensions for Every Budget supplement by Real Homes.

The project was part of an editorial titled, ’10 Ways to cut the Cost of your Extension’ and was under number 10 ‘Negotiate trade discounts’.

The image of Onslow Avenue used was titled ‘Invest Wisely’ with the caption advising to invest in quality windows, doors and rooflights even when sticking to a tight budget.

Laura Crombie, content editor at Real Homes, commented on how incredible the kitchen units look surrounded by the glazing on the property instead of brick and tile. Installing a frameless rooflight and aluminium bifolding doors allows the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the new kitchen/dining space.

In the summer, this living space can then be extended into the garden when the bifolding doors are open. One of the ‘where to spend’ advice pieces alongside this editorial piece was to spend money on quality doors and windows with larger panes of glass as these can frame the views and create a seamless link between inside and out.

Projects Featured

Onslow Avenue

Products Featured

Aluminium Bi Fold Doors, Glass Beams, Frameless Rooflights