March 9, 2020

Open plan kitchen ideas on the Real Homes Show

Written by Rebecca Clayton


Mill Hill London Featured

Mill Hill London was featured on episode 9 of the Real Homes Show on YouTube which gave viewers ideas for creating open-plan kitchens. In the episode, Jason Orme and Laura Crombie provided tips on knocking down internal walls to create an open-plan kitchen.

On the show, the presenters were in a beautiful 80’s semi-detached family home helping homeowner Ruth with ideas on how she can improve her kitchen and finish off the indoor/ outdoor living space that she had already tried to create. Ruth has been in the property for just over a year and had already renovated most of the house including new windows and doors, but there were a few rooms that she was stuck on.

The kitchen Ruth wanted to “create something more mindful, a bit more calming and less clutter and create a lot more light in the room”. This kitchen is a really important space in the house, she uses it a lot, but it’s very segregated from the dining area. The dining area was already beautifully renovated, but a solid supporting wall created a barrier between this space and the kitchen.

Jason recommended that the supporting wall was knocked out and replaced with an RSJ steel beam. By doing this “you’re not adding space but really making it feel like it’s a much bigger open-plan area”. The kitchen design would play an important part to connect the two spaces, so an island where the supporting wall was would be an excellent way to give the space a real purpose within the new open-plan space.

Mill Hill London featured within this episode to show a way in which a kitchen can be connected to the surrounding open-plan space. This project saw a rear copper-clad extension designed to house a new dining room that flowed into the kitchen through slim steel framed internal doors (that can be opened or closed to divide off the kitchen).

You can watch the Real Homes show on YouTube, here.


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