August 18, 2018

Living etc August 2018

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Structural roof glazing features in Living etc

Structural Glass Link

IQ Glass featured in the ’11 New Ways With Glass’ article in the August edition of Living etc to showcase innovative ways glass has been used to increase natural light within a building.

Rebecca Clayton, from IQ, featured in this article to discuss the benefits of structural glass links that are used to connect two parts of a building while allowing light to flood the internal space. ‘This type of configuration works very well on narrow installations of glass, where side windows or glazing is not possible’ says Rebecca. 

This type of glazing is often referred to as ‘up and over’ glazing as the glass is designed to go up a section of a wall and along the ceiling. It is very popular for an infill to connect an extension to the existing property or to provide an alternative form of glazing for overlooked properties.

Products Featured:

Structural Glass Roof, Glass Link