September 16, 2019

Lights from Above

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ Glass in Ansty Manor featured in Homebuilding and Renovating

Ansty Manor Featured

Architectural glazing is commonly used as a method to break the divide between the indoor and outdoor living spaces and to allow natural light to flood into the living spaces. One method to increase the levels of direct sunlight within homes is to install rooflights which allow sunlight to flood down into the internal living spaces.

Antsy Manor featured on page 95 of the September issue of Homebuilding and Renovating as a large frameless glass rooflight was installed in an extension to the manor which helped to drastically increase the light within the living space. "Letting in light from above can be achieved in several ways, most commonly with rooflights and lanterns but also clerestory windows. Another discreet solution which can bring light deep into the floorplan is a flush rooflight".

Rooflights can be a sympathetic way of increasing the light within not only new properties but also heritage buildings as they don't can much visual obstruction to the surrounding and existing architecture.

Products Featured:

Frameless Rooflights, minimal windows sliding glass doors


Project Featured:

Ansty Manor