August 9, 2022

IQ Glazing featured on Wilkins Estate Agent & Prime Location

Written by Rebecca Clayton

luxury six bed home with bespoke glazing package

Luxury glazing solutions were installed in the new residential development.

A number of contemporary new build homes were built in Tamworth, where the IQ regional Midlands team worked with the developers to provide a number of luxury glazing solutions. The modern houses were designed with slim framed glazing in both fixed and opening configurations, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor areas.

The homes are listed on the Wilkins Estate Agents website and also on Prime Location

Fixed structural glazing was specified above the entrance designs, flooding the double height entrance with natural light throughout the day and adding a luxury edge to the façade. Elsewhere on the contemporary new build homes, slim framed sliding doors grant access to the surrounding gardens, complete with flush threshold detailing for seamless travel between the two areas.

The luxury glazing was perfect for the contemporary new builds, aiding in the design and performance of the dwellings thanks to the thermally broken properties of the bespoke glazing solutions.

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