October 14, 2021

IQ Glass Sliding Doors Featured in Upgraded Home

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Beckley Pool featured in Upgrade Home for its IQ Glass sliding doors

Upgraded Home wrote an article surrounding water ingress on sliding door systems, exploring how to fix and prevent this from becoming an issue in highly glazed spaces. Sliding glass door designs have base tracks that can fill up with water if the drainage holes become blocked with dirt or debris, causing possible harm to the property. 

To prevent water ingress, the first step is to keep tracks clear of debris, which can be done by regularly sweeping and cleaning the area. The IQ sliding door systems can be specified with a solid neoprene base block, to ensure water is successfully diverted from sliding panes and into an aluminium base.  

This in-house developed drainage solution can withstand up to 120 litres of water per minute, accounting for the heavy rainfall so commonly seen in the UK. As well as the integrated drainage that cannot be seen, a slot drain can be specified to sit on the outside of the doors to catch any debris and drain some of the water away.   

The article emphasises and concludes that water ingress is amongst the most important factors to consider when you specify slim framed sliding glass doors. The technical team at IQ is on hand to assist and advise with the specification of your sliding system.