guide to glass balustrades featuring IQ in i-build magazine

IQ Glass Featured in i-Build Guide to Glass Balustrades

iBuild interviewed IQ about glass balustrades and what must be considered when specifying them for both internal and external use. Images from IQ’s completed projects were included, as well as our advice and expert comment on these minimal glass solutions.

Frameless glass balustrades are well suited to contemporary homes and can be used in many different applications, including as safety barriers in locations above the ground floor. Before specifying glass balustrades, it is important to consider the location they will be used in to ensure they meet standards set by building regulations.

Factors that must be considered include glass specification, handrail/capping options and cleaning, for areas that are hard to access. At IQ Glass, our glass balustrades are made from at least two pieces of toughened and laminated glass. This surpasses the specifications set by building regulations and ensures the glass would break in a safe way in the event of a breakage, shattering into small pieces instead of large jagged hard that are likely to injure someone. 

You can read the feature here, or check out our frameless glass balustrade system here. We have also developed a new balustrade system, the Opti Edge, that uses glass capping technology to offer a smooth surface on the top of the balustrade.

For more information on specifying glass balustrades, contact the IQ team today