March 20, 2013

IQ Expert Comments in Self Build Homes

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ Expert Comments in Self Build Homes

Why Glass? By Rebecca Clayton 

A five-page feature all for us. IQ Glass was featured in Self Build Homes with IQ Glass’ expert comments by Rebecca Clayton, a technical sales director. Here’s what she had to say, “Using glass in projects is the definition of luxury, modern architecture, and construction. Glazing is no longer simply a pane of glass and a frame.

From years of engineering, research, experience, and design, Glass is now a functional, architectural element to any build; large or small. Natural light is scientifically proven to improve living standards, increase the quality of life and glass is the only modern building element that can combine the thermal performance needed for today’s constructs and whilst allowing light transmission wanted.

There are so many different options and uses for glazing and windows now. Glass can be used as fixed structural elements of glazing - from glass walls, glass roofs, skylights, glass floors – these elements will all draw in light creating a bright, light-bathed environment.”

Keep reading to find out more: IQ’s expert editorial in this month’s Self Build Homes. Why Glass?

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Projects Featured: White Lodge, Totteridge Lane, Victoria Road, Killieser Avenue, Park Road, Hazelwell Road

Products Featured: Architectural Glazing, glass walls, glass roofs, skylights, glass floors