April 21, 2021

Internal Sliding Doors for Broken Plan Living Featured in Homebuilding

Written by Rebecca Clayton

internal glazing systems help to create an open-plan interior design

See how our internal glazing systems help to create an open-plan interior design

Homebuilding recently wrote an article exploring how glazing systems with a modern industrial style can transform the layout of a home and forge a better connection between the home and garden. The feature uses many examples of patio doors, all with glazing bars incorporated into the design, which are designed to create a strong bond between inside and outside areas.

This style of glazing is very versatile and is suitable for creating New York loft-style aesthetics, as well as a more traditional design. For a modern take on the timeless trend, the doors could be specified in a bold or standout colour. IQ Glass was referenced in the article, specifically talking about our MHB steel systems.

The MHB steel systems are hand-welded, with the ability to create completely bespoke designs to suit the style or needs of each individual project. When considering internal sliding doors, aluminium would be the lightweight option, proving more cost-effective than steel. Our aluminium internal glazing systems can be manufactured to mimic steel systems, with a range of specialist finishing options available as well as glazing bars within the glass pane designs.

Our sliding glass doors are perfect for creating a broken plan layout, with the option to merge or separate spaces thanks to the flexible nature of the systems. You can read the full article on the Homebuilders website here if you’re looking for inspiration on this glazing style.


Products Featured: Internal sliding doors

Project Featured: Broadhurst Gardens 

Publication: Homebuilding