May 17, 2018

Inside Outside Homes Series 2

Written by Rebecca Clayton

minimal windows® featured in Harrogate Inside Outside Homes

minimal windows® featured in Harrogate

This series explores how renovating a house can be changed unlocking the potential of the outside space.

minimal windows® were installed on the Harrogate project to provide a connection between the garden and living space.

The sliding pane glass doors offer the ability to flood the living space with maximum light while creating the illusion of a much bigger space.

The homeowner wanted a gorgeous home full of Californian vibes with light, sunshine and nature. They have achieved this by getting rid of the walls and replacing large windows creating a peaceful, stylish place for a family to enjoy and relax.

What better to create a west coast Californian living with lots of colour, patterns and nice sunny blue colour. The home renovation features lots of sunlight, high ceiling, airy and open space.

To see the completed project you can view it from the 33-minute mark here.

Projects Featured:

Townhouse in Harrogate

Products Featured:

minimal windows®