May 24, 2022

Ideal Home's Guide to Glazing Featuring IQ

Written by Rebecca Clayton

ideal home's guide to glazing featuring bespoke glass by IQ

How different types of glazing, including solar control glass, can be utilised.

Ideal Home recently wrote a feature surrounding the different types of glazing that should be considered for replacement windows. The guide goes into detail about thermally efficient windows, as well as a range of technical glass solutions that can be used to enhance the thermal performance of your glazing.

When IQ Glass were asked to offer expert comment for the article, we discussed how solar control glazing can be specified within your window systems to capitalise on solar gain and use it to save on heating and cooling costs. Solar control glass is recommended for any oversized, south facing elevations of glass to eliminate the risk of overheating in highly glazed spaces.

The specialist metal oxide coating used to create solar control coatings is almost invisible to the naked eye, maintaining a clear glass finish with a whole host of hidden benefits. There are a range of other technical glass solutions available, from acoustic reduction glass to switchable privacy glass or coloured interlayers.

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