Ideal Homes Features IQ’s Expert Advice

How to create a strong bond between the home and garden.

The May 2021 issue of Ideal Homes ran a feature on opening up the home to the garden, where they featured our expert advice on which kind of glazed door was right for different types of projects. The interior design advice was focused towards forging a strong bond with the outside environment, from the inside, with an indoor-outdoor style of living.

Shannon Normoyle, from IQ Glass, explained that bifolding doors were usually preferred for a fully open door design. She explained that with sliding door systems, unless they are configured with hidden wall cavities (pocket doors) one pane will always be visible, with the others stacked behind it. Material choices were also explored, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of steel, aluminium and uPVC.

Slim framed glazing systems from IQ are either aluminium or steel, with aluminium being the most popular choice due to its environmentally friendly, recyclable properties and lightweight frames. When specifying aluminium framed glazing systems, there are a wide range of colours to choose from which can be personalised to enhance your interior design.

Pick up your copy of Ideal Homes in May to read the full feature.