December 16, 2021

iBuild Features Mount House

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Refurb & Restore Features Mount House in Issue 25

Gable end glazing was combined with a structural glass link for a fully glazed design.

The November 2021 edition of iBuild magazine featured Mount House, a highly glazed extension project where IQ Glass installed a number of bespoke glazing elements. The case study explored why the slim framed and frameless glazing systems were chosen, what the brief was and the finished result.

Frameless structural glazing has been used to create a glazed link, leading from the main house to the new extension building. The glass link is joined to the main house with an internal glass pivot door, allowing light and views to pass through. To continue the highly glazed theme, a slim framed glass casement door has been used as the back door on the main house.

The extension has a slim framed sliding door in a two pane configuration, with gable end glazing to maximise the natural light within the space. When the sliding door is slid open, the two environments can be merged to create one large indoor outdoor living area.

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