November 11, 2021

Homebuilding & Renovating Features IQ Glass Box Rooflights

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Maximise the amount of glazing to allow views of nature in your garden

See how box rooflight designs can strengthen the connection between indoor and outdoor areas.

Homebuilding & Renovating wrote a feature surrounding the ways you can build a healthy home, from using toxin free construction materials to strengthening the connection to nature.

When it came to creating a connection to nature from within the home, IQ’s box rooflights were featured. The box rooflight installed as part of a contemporary rear extension at Cambridge Road uses frameless structural glass to maintain the most minimal design. By utilising structural glazing, glass to glass connections are achieved and the maximum amount of natural light can flow through the space.

The article discusses how nature is undeniably good for the mind and general wellness and strengthening a relationship to nature through biophilic design can help improve both mental and physical health. Large elevations of glass and frameless installations are perfect for implementing a biophilic design, with the ability to deliver uninterrupted views.