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Grand Designs Magazine spoke to IQ Glass for expert advice on overhead glazing

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass Featured

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass provided the team at Grand Designs Magazine with expert advice on glass specification for overhead glazing. Overhead glazing refers to fixed and opening rooflights, roof lanterns, and glass roofs.

The article “Expert advice: what to look for in a rooflight”, discusses what to consider when specifying roof glazing. This includes whether to choose double or triple glazing, low maintenance glass, internal supports and whether the toughened or laminated glass should be used.

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass says “Any overhead glazing should have a laminated a toughened inner pane. If the glass is broken, the internal laminate will hold together the inner sheet and stop the glass from falling”. Overhead glazing should always use laminated glass as this helps to prevent injury to anyone below the glass in the unlikely instance that the glass should break. Overhead glazing should always be “designed with a maintenance load so you can walk on it if you need to,” says Rebecca Clayton.

The article goes on to offer advice about internal supports for roof glazing which needs to be considered if the roof glazing design is made up of more than one pane of glazing. Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass says, “you’ll need internal supports for a structural glass roof if the joints are over 1.3m long”. There are several options for these supports, they could be manufactured from steel or clear glass beams. Glass beams are usually chosen to create maximum clarity to the glazing design.

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass provided Grand Designs Magazine with some technical advice for overhead glazing and what to consider when designing and specifying overhead glazing.

To read the full advice article in the Grand Designs Magazine, click here.


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