February 1, 2017

Grand Designs February 2017

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ’s expert article on Sound Insulation in Architectural Glazing has been picked up and published by the worldwide website 'Glass on Web'

Sliding Glass Doors Feature

IQ’s sliding glass doors were featured in the February issue of Grand Designs in the Style Finder section.

Our sliding glass doors were the ‘In Detail’ feature describing how the full height sliding doors can be used to connect an extension with a decked terrace.

This connection provides easy access to the garden for the family, allowing for no obstruction to views. IQ Glass were mentioned as we are able to provide very similar sliding glass doors to those on the project featured, starting from around £1,250 per sqm for our minimal windows® 4+ slim framed sliding glass doors.

These minimal windows 4+ sliding glass doors are triple glazed and are installed onto homes where more thermal efficiency is necessary.

Products Featured

Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors