May 29, 2019

Glass Balustrades

Written by Rebecca Clayton

The Vine House Featured in Selfbuilder and Homemaker magazine for glass balustrades

The Vine House Featured

IQ Glass was featured in a two-page article that discussed the benefits of including frameless glass balustrades on your project and the technicalities. Frameless glass balustrades are a popular choice for both internal and external glazing as the views of the surroundings are unobstructed.

Tanzeela Yasin from IQ Glass said, "Glass Balustrades can be installed anywhere in the home where the level changes - including staircases, landings, mezzanine floors, external balconies, rooftop spaces and terraced areas". She then went onto explain that the balustrades need to be designed to building regulations depending on the location of the installation.

IQ Glass not only featured within the magazine but were also featured on the front cover of the Selfbuilder + Homemaker magazine. The IQ Glass project, Vine House, was featured as frameless glass balustrades were used for a balcony that stretched the full width of the property.

Project Featured:

The Vine House

Products Featured:

Frameless Glass Balustrades