August 19, 2020

Featured in Homebuilding & Renovating Home Extensions Article

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Single storey extension Featured

IQ Glass UK was featured on the Homebuilding & Renovating website in a feature that discussed 25 things to know before starting a home extension. A single-storey extension from IQ Glass was featured in this article to provide inspiration about what’s possible for single-storey extensions.

This home extensions guide used the project from IQ Glass to talk about connecting the old with the new: “how well the additional space sits alongside the original property will undoubtedly affect the success of the project”. With home extensions, it’s important to consider how the new and old construction will relate to one another, whether the extension should complement or contrast with the existing house.

The 25 things that this article discussed included: whether house extensions need to comply with building regulations, designing efficiency early on, whether to build a single or double-storey extension and factoring in access restrictions.

The single-storey extension that was featured in this article included a three-track sliding door system that was angled at one side to correspond with the slanted roof. This was a design feature that the technical team at IQ Glass has to carefully calculate and detail to ensure smooth usage and typical functionality.

You can read the full article, and see IQ Glass features, on the Homebuilding and Renovating website here:


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