March 29, 2021

Fabric Magazine Features IQ Double Height Sliding Doors

Written by Rebecca Clayton

double height sliding glass doors on a luxury home renovation in Kingston

Our Kingston Road project was featured, showing how glass can change the interior design of a kitchen.

Fabric Magazine wrote an article about rethinking the interior design of a kitchen; exploring how glass, amongst other elements, can change the layout or design. Our Kingston Road project was featured, along with some expert advice, detailing the advantages of double height door systems in kitchens.

The double height doors create a gallery style interior design in this London home, enhancing the modern industrial style achieved through furniture choices and exposed brick within the space. The slim aluminium frames were powder coated in anthracite grey, to match the kitchen units and other elements throughout the property.

The oversized glazing is enhanced further by the nearby placement of oversized artwork, adding to the gallery style and successfully making the space appear bigger. One advantage of specifying oversized glazing within the interior design of a home is the ability to expand the perceived size of the space, with double height installations often going hand in hand with tall ceilings.

Incorporating slim framed sliding doors into your kitchen design is a great way to build a strong connection with the outdoor environment. As well as tones of natural light when the doors are closed, when they are open it creates one large indoor-outdoor living area.

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