June 5, 2018

Express Online April 2018: Modern Conservatories

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Mill Hill innovative glass features in Express online

Innovative Glass Technology in Conservatories

IQ Glass was mentioned on Express Online in April, in the property section. The feature talks about how conservatories are still regarded as a very popular home renovation choice however, many homeowners are opting for modern features including sliding glass doors. The once popular uPVC conservatories are now being more frequently manufactured with aluminium with minimal sightlines and maximum glass

Glass box extensions are evidently adding value to properties due to the versatility in use. Traditionally, conservatories were used as an additional lounge area, however, glass box extensions are being increasingly seen for use as room extensions (e.g. kitchen extensions).

The type of glass used on glass box extensions and conservatories is a crucial part of the design. IQ Glass recommends glass with solar protection and a low maintenance coating, which will help to control the temperature of the room while ensuring easy maintenance of the glazing.

Read the full article here: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/944565/Conservatories-designs-traditional-style-glass-box-modern

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Heated Glass, Tinted Glass, Solar Protection, Low Maintenance Glass Coating, Glass Extensions