May 17, 2019

Entrance Door designs

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ Glass featured frameless glass to complete the entrance design with Urban Front

South Prospect Featured

IQ Glass worked on this project with Urban Front who supplied the e80 pivot door set, IQ Glass installed frameless glass to complete the entrance design. Utilising frameless glass on this entrance flooded the hallway with natural light and created a welcoming entrance feature.

"As well as establishing unique visual character from the outside, incorporating glass into your front entrance - either in the form of a glazed panel or sidelights - will help bath your hallway in natural brightness". Glazing can be used to increase the light within hallways; however, it can also be used to create a contemporary aesthetic to the external facade of the building.

Another method of utilising glass in entrance designs is by installing a structural glass roof to enhance curb appeal. To this project, IQ installed a structural glass roof to continue the frameless glass aesthetic and also allow even more light into the hallway.

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South Prospect

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