December 19, 2019

Archello featured frameless glass windows

Written by Rebecca Clayton

La Remise House Featured on Archello

La Remise House Featured

La Remise House was featured on Archello to showcase the studio and summer house glazing. The project, designed by SOUP Architects, consisted of a two-storey extension to the western side of a single storey house. The extension helped to give the existing property more living space but also to make the layout of the property flow better, such as the location of the entrance door.

Internally the living spaces were drastically improved thanks to the location of the staircase which enabled the first floor living spaces to work well alongside the lower level. Externally, the house was re-clad in red cedar shingles that have weathered down to an elegant grey tone.

Separate from the main house, a Summerhouse was built on an exposed concrete plinth which was clad in red cedar. To the summerhouse, IQ Glass installed large elevations of frameless glazing to connect the outbuildings with the surrounding lateral environment.

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