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structural glass box extensions in homebuilding and renovating

IQ Glass Featured in Homebuilding & Renovating Glass Extensions Blog

A range of projects featuring glass extensions were featured in the Homebuilding & Renovating article. Homebuilding & Renovating recently wrote a feature surrounding glass extensions and how to incorporate a glass extension to suit any style of home, from traditional to contemporary. IQ

Make the most of the sun

Solar control glass coatings Extending homes has evolved way beyond building brick extensions for additional living spaces for expanding families, they are now available in a wide choice of styles from steel framed and highly glazed sunrooms and glass box extensions. IQ Glass was mentioned in an

minimally framed glass link

Stunning Glass Extension Ideas

Inviting glazed extensions are suitable for all year round if they are designed well. There are many different glazed extension configurations to create a bespoke extension tailored towards the requirements of each project. Glass Box Extensions can be designed with

Homebuilding and Renovating March 2017 Ashley Road

Homebuilding and Renovating March 2017

Ashley Road was featured in the March issue of Homebuilding and Renovating in the Portfolio section of the magazine, under the title ‘A House with a Heart’. The original annexes used to extend the Victorian house had been demolished and replaced with the contemporary extension.

Homebuilding and Renovating April 2017

Homebuilding and Renovating April 2017

Old Fort Road Feature Old Fort Road was recently featured in the Homebuilding and Renovating April issue in a ‘How to Build in Context’ article as part of the Project Advice section within the magazine.

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