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Let the outdoors in

minimal windows® and Sieger® Systems were featured in the July issue of Self Build and Design magazine in the article 'Let the outdoors in'. This feature showed a large range of sliding, bifolding and patio doors that can be used to enhance the indoor-outdoor feeling

Bifold Doors

Indoor - Outdoor Living

In the Wealden Times, there was a feature about bi-folding doors which showcased various bifolding door systems and projects that have utilised aluminium bifolding doors. These aluminium systems concertina back to create wide open apertures that break to divide between the

Inside Outside Homes Series 2

minimal windows® featured in Harrogate This series explores how renovating a house can be changed unlocking the potential of the outside space. minimal windows® were installed on the Harrogate project to provide a connection between the garden and living space. The sliding pane glass doors

Real Homes April 2017

An IQ Glass project based in Brighton was featured in the April issue of Real Homes in an article for ‘Dream Transformation’, with a title of ‘Modern Contrast’. This modern extension with triple glazed sliding glass doors and windows was installed to extend the current kitchen.

Channel 4 – Inside Out Homes

Brook Barn and Garden House Feature Two IQ Glass projects were featured in the new Channel 4 TV series ‘Inside Out Homes’.This series focuses on and explores how homes can be changed when a house and garden are merged.

Grand Designs February 2017

Grand Designs February 2017

Sliding Glass Doors Feature IQ’s sliding glass doors were featured in the February issue of Grand Designs in the Style Finder section.

Build It October 2016

Build It October 2016

No. 10 Feature Our No. 10 project was featured in the October issue of Build It as part of a four page spread titled ‘Inspiring Contemporary Extensions’.

ADF Architects Datafile July 2016

Bedford Gardens Feature Bedford Gardens was featured in the July issue of ADF Architects Datafile in an article titled, ‘Ask the Architect’.This article focused on Nash Baker Architects and how Baker himself became an architect and what he enjoys focusing on with projects.

Real Homes / Extensions for Every Budget April 2016

Real Homes / Extensions for Every Budget April 2016

Onslow Avenue Feature Onslow Avenue was featured in the Extensions for Every Budget supplement by Real Homes.The project was part of an editorial titled, ’10 Ways to cut the Cost of your Extension’ and was under number 10 ‘Negotiate trade discounts’.

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