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aluminium internal glass pivot door featured in livingetc

Internal Glass Doors Featured in Livingetc

IQ's slim framed internal pivot door was featured in the internal glazing guide. Internal glazing has become one of the most popular interior design trends of 2022, with a range of styles available to suit a wide variety of internal spaces. Many homeowners are now opting for glass doors inside the

low carbon new build home in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times Features Low Carbon IQ Glass Project

IQ Glass was recently featured in The Sunday Times, discussing how glazing can be used to reduce energy bills and the carbon footprint of a dwelling, predominantly in new build homes. The article describes the importance of orientation of glazing in new build dwellings, exploring how glazing

The Sunday Times Features IQ Glass Vertical Sash Windows

Oversized glazing advice was featured in the article, exploring how architectural glazing has modernised traditional windows and doors. IQ Glass were recently featured in The Sunday Times, discussing how glazing has evolved and now plays a huge part in modern architecture. The communications

architectural glazing solutions from IQ Glass

Living Etc Feature ‘Glazing Essentials’ from IQ Glass

From technical glass solutions to specification, IQ Glass talk all things essential when choosing your glazing. There are many different types of glazing, from single glazed to triple glazed and with a range of technical glass solutions to enhance the functionality of glazing. Glass specification

structural glass box extensions in homebuilding and renovating

IQ Glass Featured in Homebuilding & Renovating Glass Extensions Blog

A range of projects featuring glass extensions were featured in the Homebuilding & Renovating article. Homebuilding & Renovating recently wrote a feature surrounding glass extensions and how to incorporate a glass extension to suit any style of home, from traditional to contemporary. IQ

glass extension to a listed building in the daily mail

IQ Featured in Glass Extension Daily Mail Article

Glass extensions are one the most popular ways to expand the internal living spaces through to the garden area. These extensions add massive amounts of natural light and are perfect for combining modern and traditional architecture. Modern extensions can be designed entirely using glass, or they

guide to glass balustrades featuring IQ in i-build magazine

IQ Glass Featured in i-Build Guide to Glass Balustrades

iBuild interviewed IQ about glass balustrades and what must be considered when specifying them for both internal and external use. Images from IQ’s completed projects were included, as well as our advice and expert comment on these minimal glass solutions. Frameless glass balustrades are well

bespoke structural glazing and sliding doors in architects journal

IQ Bespoke Glazing Feature in Architects Journal

Frameless glass residential project in Norfolk was featured in an Architects Journal case study. This single storey home was built with sustainable building materials that complemented the surrounding landscape. The palette of materials used included weathered steel cladding, natural brick and

modern rear extension with open corner sliding doors

Living etc Feature IQ Glass Projects in Guide to Rear Extensions

Exploring how light and space can be used to transform residential dwellings. Rear extensions are an extremely popular choice for homes looking to enhance their existing space or expand the useable space within a property. There is a wide range of extension options available to choose from and

steel framed glass box extension to create sunroom

IQ Mentioned in Livingetc Sunrooms Feature

Investigating techniques to enhance natural sunlight in residential spaces, read on to see how sunrooms can enhance a residential space to promote wellbeing. Living etc published an article offering expert advice about techniques to enhance residential home designs and create extra light input into

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