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internal glazing

Bringing the light inside

IQ Glass was featured in the Architects Data File in an article called 'Bringing Light Inside' which discussed how various internal glazing systems can be used to increase the light within interior designs. There is a wide selection of interior glazing systems to choose from

Apertio Glass Entrance Door

Apertio Glass Entrance Door Featured

IQ's Apertio Glass Entrance Door featured in the August edition of Self Build & Design Magazine within the article 'First Impressions'. The article focused on the kerb appeal offered by various entrance door designs and finishes. The Apertio Glass Entrance Door

IQ Lux Louvre Roof

Creating contemporary garden designs with a modern pergola

During the Summer months, we are all looking to create luxurious garden designs to enjoy through the warmer months. During Winter we all retreat indoors to get away from the cold but when the weather warms up, we begin to tackle our gardens to get them ready to enjoy

Let the outdoors in

minimal windows® and Sieger® Systems were featured in the July issue of Self Build and Design magazine in the article 'Let the outdoors in'. This feature showed a large range of sliding, bifolding and patio doors that can be used to enhance the indoor-outdoor feeling

glazed contemporary extension

Here Comes the Sun

Dalston House was featured in the 'Here Comes the Sun' article in Self Build and Design (July 2019 issue). All homeowners have the desire to increase the amount of natural light within their home as it creates a more welcoming and vibrant living space

Bifold Doors

Indoor - Outdoor Living

In the Wealden Times, there was a feature about bi-folding doors which showcased various bifolding door systems and projects that have utilised aluminium bifolding doors. These aluminium systems concertina back to create wide open apertures that break to divide between the

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades

IQ Glass was featured in a two-page article that discussed the benefits of including frameless glass balustrades on your project and the technicalities. Frameless glass balustrades are a popular choice for both internal and external glazing as the views of the surroundings

Combatting Overheating

Yew Tree House Featured Heat within properties is a challenge that architects need to tackle, especially when designing large elevations of glazing. To combat this issue and the 'greenhouse effect', Solar Control Glass can be used to help maintain a comfortable temperature within the internal

Entrance Door designs

IQ Glass worked on this project with Urban Front who supplied the e80 pivot door set, IQ Glass installed frameless glass to complete the entrance design. Utilising frameless glass on this entrance flooded the hallway with natural light and created a welcoming entrance

Treeside featured in Structural Glazing FAQ

Jura House was featured in an article discussing the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding structural glazing, in Build It's Complete Guide to Windows and Doors. Structural glazing is often a misunderstood building material, as many people think that structural glass can only

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