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Lakeside Cabin panoramic views sliding glass doors

Barlby Road | A minimal windows Project Listed for just under £13 Million

A luxury family home in the heart of London featuring various minimal windows products. Barlby Road in the heart of North Kensington is a 5-bedroom luxury home which has a very distinct style, focusing on raw materials and lighter tones the home is an escape from the busy London streets. IQ Glass

      "AU Architects wanted to make the most of the warm and bright southern facade through the use of curtain wall frameless glazing by IQ Glass"

Tower Avenue, Build It June 2023 Project of The Month

In the June 2023 issue of Build It a multitude of IQ Glass projects were featured. The "Project of the month" for June is Tower Avenue which is a modern family home complete with Framless glazing, Keller minimal windows, slot windows and skylights. The home was transformed by opening the vast

Garden house featured in Real Homes

minimal windows for a contemporary garden room

Garden Room Featured on Real Homes This elegant garden room, featuring minimal windows, was recently featured by Real Homes in their article surrounding contemporary garden rooms. For this project minimal windows were chosen for the slim sightlines of just 21mm, making the most of the expansive

Claremont Square Oriel Window featured in Real Homes showcase

Connecting external and internal entertainment spaces with minimal sliding doors

Inside Out House Featured Archello recently showcased the renovation of the “Inside Out” family home in London. As part of an extensive 4-storey refurbishment, an extension was added onto the rear of the house to create an effortless link with the external living area and garden. The


IQ Glass Featured in Self Build & Design

Mill Hill London Featured IQ Glass were featured in the November 2019 issue of Self Build & Design. On the topic of fenestration, the feature looks at how the Mill Hill London project incorporated interior and exterior glazing. Mill Hill London was pictured from multiple view points and talks

Hampstead House, Mill Hill London and Malbrook Road Featured in BuildIt

IQ Glass featured in BuildIt

Hampstead House, Mill Hill London and Malbrook Road Featured in BuildIt IQ Glass was featured in the November issue of BuildIt. Various IQ projects were featured in the magazine showcasing various ways in which glazing can be used both internally and externally to increase the light within

Dalston House was featured in the 'Here Comes the Sun' article in Self Build and Design

Inspiration for modern extensions

Dalston House Featured Dalston House was featured in a Real Homes online article ‘modern extension ideas: 8 contemporary extension ideas’. The extension to Dalston House creates a bright room filled with natural light due to the highly glazed installation. Architects HUT designed this

IQ Glass in Ansty Manor featured in Homebuilding and Renovating

Lights from Above

Ansty Manor Featured Architectural glazing is commonly used as a method to break the divide between the indoor and outdoor living spaces and to allow natural light to flood into the living spaces. One method to increase the levels of direct sunlight within homes is to install rooflights which allow

IQ’s minimal windows® and Sieger® Systems Featured in Self Build Design Magazine 'Let the outdoors in'

Let the outdoors in

minimal windows® and Sieger® Systems Featured Slim sliding doors were featured in the July issue of Self Build and Design magazine in the article 'Let the outdoors in'. This feature showed a large range of sliding, bifolding and patio doors that can be used to enhance the indoor-outdoor

Dalston House was featured in the 'Here Comes the Sun' article in Self Build and Design

Here Comes the Sun

Dalston House Featured IQ Glass's project Dalston House was featured in the 'Here Comes the Sun' article in Self Build and Design (July 2019 issue). All homeowners have the desire to increase the amount of natural light within their home as it creates a more welcoming and vibrant living space.

Treeside featured in Structural Glazing FAQ

Treeside featured in Structural Glazing FAQ

Treeside Featured Treeside was featured in an article discussing the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding structural glazing, in Build It's Complete Guide to Windows and Doors. Structural glazing is often a misunderstood building material, as many people think that structural glass can only be

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